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Kelstone: Out of the Darkness - first few chapters by Calikatdavis Kelstone: Out of the Darkness - first few chapters :iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 0 0
Agreements -- Sebastian
After Vaelyn and Talon (Rebecca now, I guess) leave, Jennareed and I join Rurik for a tour of Undermount. On the way, I make several comments about Vaelyn, about how someone could sleep with someone they just met. Jennareed finally sighs heavily and says, "Not call gator a bird."
"Not call gator a bird," she repeats. "Gator is gator, not bird. Vaelyn is Vaelyn, not Donavan. You mad at Donavan."
Now I sigh. "You're right."
"I know."
"I'm putting all my feelings about Donavan onto Vaelyn," I admit, shaking my head. "It doesn't help that Vaelyn's so attractive, though. I don't need that right now."
"You not have now. He gone. You not think about him. You morning Donavan now."
"Morning?" I repeat. "Oh, mourn him." She nods and I sigh again. "I guess it is like a death, isn't it?"
"Yes. Relationship die. You mourn. Then you be better."
I smile down at her. "Look who's all wise."
"My job."
"I guess so. You're just so . . .  fun and seemingly carefree. I forget who you are, and h
:iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 1 3
Dwarves -- Rebecca
I've decided to go ahead and tell you about the dwarves. When I get my journal back, I'll look over what I wrote and see if I've missed anything. Sorry this isn't in my usual format, but I don't remember all of the dialog now.
The city of Hestmora, to my surprise, is a small town that sits at the foot of a mountain. The roads are paved with flat gray stone, and the buildings are wooden—most painted with a deep rusty red color. The doors are rounded at the top and are wider and shorter than normal ones, with the metal knobs a few inches lower. At the center of town is a plaza where a flower garden is.
Lucio's Tavern is on the right side of the plaza, and that's where I meat Rurik. He's four-and-a-half-feet tall, with auburn, shoulder-length hair, a four-inch-long beard that's braided, and bushy eyebrows. The dwarves look like humans who got smooshed down—for lack of a better way to put it. They look squat and strong. They have strong hands
:iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 0 0
Mathias redone by Calikatdavis Mathias redone :iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 9 10 Rebecca by Calikatdavis Rebecca :iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 1 7
Question and Answers -- Vaelyn
Rebecca has given me a list of question that she would like me to answer. She believes you would like to get to know me better. Most of these questions are from what she call an "about me survey". It seems, though, that she has never answered most of these questions herself. I do not know about you, but I think she should. I find her fascinating. For example, did you know that she has lived on her own since she was fourteen? Her father was a very abusive man, and when he started finding her physically attractive, she left. I find it amazing that one so very young would have the strength to leave her family. She has a younger brother, too, but she has not been able to see him since she left. Her mother does not believe her accusations against her father and told her to stay away. Rebecca is a survivor, but she is not bitter. She is kind and warm. I can relate to her. Though my parents have been dead since I was seven years old, I have lived with abusive siblings. My brother was physical
:iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 0 5
Vaelyn'Silas by Calikatdavis Vaelyn'Silas :iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 0 1 Goblin by Calikatdavis Goblin :iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 2 8
Practice makes perfect -- Rebecca
Even though Vaelyn was the one complaining about how loud this world is, he's the one driving me crazy with noise. He's been watching YouTube videos for the past three hours, working on losing his accent. My apartment is too small to get away from it, so I decide to leave for awhile. "Vae, I'll be back in a bit, okay?"
He pauses the current video and turns to look at me. "Where are you going?"
"I don't know yet, just . . . out," I tell him, then shrug. "Maybe the mall." I'm big on retail therapy. Yes, the mall is noisy, but it's a different kind of noise.
He smiles and stands. "Good. I will—"
"I'll," he corrects himself, "go with you. I can speak with people and practice."
"Talk to people."
"Was I incorrect?"
"No, it's just more common to say talk to instead of speak with."
He nods and goes to get his boots by the door. "You do not—don't mind, do you?"
"Of course not. I just need to get away from the videos for awhile."
"You could ask me to stop."
I sigh. "I know, b
:iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 0 5
Missing Kelstone -- Rebecca
It's 2am and Vaelyn is sleeping while I'm wide awake. There's a change. I keep listening to the sounds outside my apartment—cars, my neighbor's TV, the occasional siren in the distance. Vaelyn talks about how noisy this world is. He doesn't know how I can stand it when it's so constant. Not too long ago I didn't even notice the noise. But now, after living on Kelstone for months, I hear it all—the hum of my computer, the buzz of the refrigerator, the forced air coming out of the heater vents. I find it harder to sleep here now. It took Vaelyn and I staying up for two days before we could sleep. At that point, exhaustion had taken over.
I miss the quiet Kelstone nights. Sure, there's the occasional drunk that walks by your window, talking a bit too loud, or a late night carriage with horse hoofs rhythmically clapping against the cobblestone street. But, overall, it's pretty much silent.
I miss other things too, like the society. Th
:iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 0 3
Home Again --Rebecca
Rebecca (Yes, I'm using my real name now. No more Talon.)
It's good to be home. I'm sitting here eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. They don’t have cold cereal on Kelstone and I love it. I could live on the stuff. They have t-shirts there, but they're not nearly as soft and comfy as ours. And hot showers instead of baths. It's the simple things that I miss when I'm away.
Anyway, let's answer some questions you may have. First, what have I been up to for the last 5 months? Well, I didn't know that the compact was stolen. I actually thought I lost it, which is why I never contacted Fate about it. The money is still coming in, both on Kelstone and on Earth. I don't know what she knows, but I've been leaving well enough alone. I did ask Brex if he could help. He said he has a rule about only helping his favorites, which is only a couple of people. But he did say he hadn't heard anything about the portal from any of his followers.
So, I gave up. I've be
:iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 0 5
Hello, this is Vaelyn writing. I have been on Earth now for three days. The power is back in this apartment, so I am using the computer here to write this. I am told that the library has a time limit on their computers, so I have waited because I am very slow at typing. You will understand why I am the one writing when you are finished reading this entry.
Sebastian is mostly silent for the rest of our journey to Hestmora. I am not sure if he is normally like that, or if there is something wrong. But when I ask, he tells me he is fine. Jennareed, however, is very talkative and curious. I find that I do not wish to lie to her about who I am anymore. I had made her forget everything about my people, but now I wish it otherwise. I look into her eyes and tell her to remember. She does so instantly, and then I explain who I am and how Sebastian and I met. I do not tell her about Earth. She does not know of it, and it is not my secret to tell. Sebastian see
:iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 0 0
When Vaelyn and I returned to Kelstone, he shows me to another way out of the underground cave. Stone steps are carved into the walls of a small, round room, leading to a stone at the top. With a final promise that he will find Jennareed for me, I leave. It's early morning when I crouch down and walk out of a stone by the lake. Wondering how humans don't seem to know about the underground lair of the pixies, I turn and touch the stone. My hand touches cold, hard rock. The "doors" only work at night. I suspected as much.
I get back to my room at the inn and only wait an hour until Jennareed walks in. I'm about to say something when I see Vaelyn come in after her. He's different now. His platinum hair is just blond, his eyes are blue, his skin is a light cream instead of almost white, his ears are no longer pointy, and he's wearing clothes—fitting, black leather pants, boots, a blue t-shirt, and a black, knit hat with a narrow brim in front. He looks . . . human.
After a moment, I
:iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 0 0
I wait, but Jennareed doesn't return. The following day passes and still nothing. That night, when the pixies have begun harvesting again, I decide to return to the valley. I can't find Jennareed, or even Azaeli, anywhere. So, I ask around. Most of the pixies won't talk to me, a few say they know nothing of Jennareed, and a couple of them threaten to tell the guard and have me taken away.
When many of the pixies have full bags and start flying back, I follow, crouched low, staying as hidden as possible among the tall flowers. To my surprise, they don't fly to the cliffs, but stop at a small lake. Around it are stone that vary in size—from a foot tall, to almost half my height. The pixies fly straight at these stones and disappear as soon as they hit them.
I wait until there's no more pixies close by before I approach the lake. I gingerly touch the first large stone I come to, and it's like there's nothing there—my fingers disappear into the stone. Slowly, I bring my face to
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Anna closeup by Calikatdavis Anna closeup :iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 3 0 Anna by Calikatdavis Anna :iconcalikatdavis:Calikatdavis 1 0


Grass Pack I by Architecturendu Grass Pack I :iconarchitecturendu:Architecturendu 143 27 Prayer - Pose Reference for Drawing by SenshiStock Prayer - Pose Reference for Drawing :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 942 64 Sailor Drama 1 by SenshiStock Sailor Drama 1 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 183 20 Asterith Dragonclore by dashinvaine Asterith Dragonclore :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 871 44 Conner Kenway by aenaluck Conner Kenway :iconaenaluck:aenaluck 1,517 53 Still here!!! by RollingAlien Still here!!! :iconrollingalien:RollingAlien 442 50 Luhan number 9000 by RollingAlien Luhan number 9000 :iconrollingalien:RollingAlien 217 22 Steampunk top hat stylized old bronze. by ElBorodero Steampunk top hat stylized old bronze. :iconelborodero:ElBorodero 515 43 Steam Powered Giraffe by Sharobury Steam Powered Giraffe :iconsharobury:Sharobury 216 19 Inari Foxes: Oncilla var2 by Santani Inari Foxes: Oncilla var2 :iconsantani:Santani 1,660 176 Guild Wars 2: Human Dress 2 by YeeWu Guild Wars 2: Human Dress 2 :iconyeewu:YeeWu 407 29 Barbarian Female by Bogdanbl4 Barbarian Female :iconbogdanbl4:Bogdanbl4 1,358 48 Steampunk Robot Makeup (Hand) by Happy-Pappy Steampunk Robot Makeup (Hand) :iconhappy-pappy:Happy-Pappy 13 3 Steampunk V by RemusSirion Steampunk V :iconremussirion:RemusSirion 70 2 Braiding Tutorial Reference by CGCookie Braiding Tutorial Reference :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 10,529 124 Cardboard Brown Paper Texture by Enchantedgal-Stock Cardboard Brown Paper Texture :iconenchantedgal-stock:Enchantedgal-Stock 377 99



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